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Family Stable after Gas Explosion
- 5th November 2003

It has been reported that the family who were in the house that exploded are in a stable condition. Mr. Declan Carrigan and his daughter Sorcha (5) are said to be critical but stable in two different hospitals. His two other children Laura (8) and Adam (3) are in a stable condition, they are resting at Temple Street Children's Hospital.

Bord Gais stated yesterday that subsidance caused by an underground river was probably the main cause of the explosion.

Gas is distributed to the Glendoher Estate by cast-iron gas pipes. These pipes are a health hazzard and since the mid 80s, Bord Gais has being trying to replce all the piping in Dublin and Cork with newer and more flexible polyethelene material which is much more safer. Bord Gais told the media yesterday that all the cast iron pipes will be removed from the Glenoher Estate from the 5th November "as a precautionary measure".

The whole incident happened on Sunday morning, 2nd November 2003. Just before 11 o'clock, Mr. Carrigan and his three children were seriously injured when a gas explosion occurred at their house at Glendoher Close, Rathfarnham. The mother escaped injury, as she was upstairs at the time.

The father was in a critical condition and he was brought to Tallaght Hospital. The three children were treated for burns and broken bones.

Before the explosion, one neighbour noticed the smell of gas and rang Bord Gais. While a representative was inspecting a laneway beside the house, the explosion occurred. The roof was blown off the house and the door and the windows were scattered across the street. The emergency services were alerted immediately and it was reported that one neighbour rescued one of the children from a window.

Shortly after the incident, a large crowd gathered around the area. There was a great sense of disbelief and shock among the locals. The smell of gas was still very strong and a number of the houses were evacuated.

Bord Gais released a statement and stated "Early indications are that a gas leak occurred as a result of a fractured distribution mains under a nearby footpath".

Responding to the explosion, Local Fianna Fail Counsellor, John Lehart, remarked that "this certainly needs to be taken to a higher central government level to ensure that all safety levels are put in place."