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Rathfarnham Public Schools do as well as Private Schools in the Points Race - 16th August 2003

Figures published today show that students in public schools in Rathfarnham are getting as many college offers and even more than those studying in Private Schools.

Sancta Maria College, a public girls school, fed 16 students into Trinity College in 2002. This is extremely good taking into account that only 7 came from Ashfield College, 7 from Templeogue College, 6 from Loreto High School, Grange Road and 5 from Terenure College (all private schools). 7 students from the public school, Colaiste Eanna, received college places in TCD.

With regards to UCD, students from Private Schools were offered more college places. 45 students came from Loreto High School, 31 from Terenure College and 27 from Ashfield College. Students from the public schools Colaiste Eanna, Sancta Maria and De La Salle received 18, 13 and 14 places respectively.
TCD: Rathfarnham Feeder Schools
School Places Offered
Sancta Maria College 16 (Public School)
Colaiste Eanna 7 (Public School)
Ashfield College 7
Templeogue College 7
Loreto High School 6
De La Salle College 5 (Public School)
Terenure College 5
Rockbrook Park School 0
UCD: Rathfarnham Feeder Schools
School Places Offered
Loreto High School 45
Terenure College 31
Ashfield College 27
Colaiste Eanna 18 (Public School)
Templeogue College 18
De La Salle College 14 (Public School)
Sancta Maria College 13 (Public School)
Rockbrook Park School 5
However 17% of Colaiste Eanna Students received a place in UCD compared to 11% for Ashfield College, 27% for Terenure College and 49% for Loreto High School.

The most surprising results are that of Ashfield College where students pay up to E4,000 for tution every year. 2% received places in TCD and 11% in UCD.