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Public Schools Losing Places
- 18th August 2003

Figures published today from the Department of Education have revealed that public schools in Dublin have over 20,000 free spaces. In Rathfarnham, 200 places remain unfilled in Colaiste Eanna and 250 places in Sancta Maria. Demand for places in private schools has increased significantly.

Today, parents from middle class families are able to afford the fees of private schools due to the abolition of Third Level Fees. As more students enroll in private institutions, the teacher student ratio in public schools continues to fall. The fall in numbers can't be connected to standards since public schools are doing as well and even better that those in private schools.(see article below)

The main threat to the falling numbers in the public sector is that teachers will lose jobs and the availability of different subjects will decrease. The vicious circle will continue as parents will refuse to send their children to schools that offer a restricted number of subjects.