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Historical Monuments  

Rathfarnham is very lucky to have so many historical monuments.

On the peak of Kilmashogue mountain, there lies several megalithic tombs, one of which is shown here. It is believed the tombs date back to around 2000 B.c.

The megalithic tombs consist of massive rock slabs and it boggles the mind how they actually transported them and lifted them into place.

It is very obvious why these prehistoric men built the tombs on the top of Kilmashouge. From the top you have a perfect view over Dublin Bay - perfect for spotting unwellcome visitors. From the top, they would have also been able to see what was going on down on the pastures. Local streams would have provided them with fresh water and the forests near by would have had plenty of wild pigs, deer and rabbits.

Clay pots and bones were some of the artefacts discovered when the tombs were excavated.

Mount Venus - Dolmen
This national monument is situated on Mount Venus Road. It has been described by Barlase as one of the most magnificent in the world. It encompasses a massive cap stone weighing in at 44 tons.

On the peak of this mountain, there is a pre-historic passage grave with a long narrow entrance to a circular chamber.

Taylors Grange
In the grounds of Glensouthwell, you can find three 8.5 meter granite stones in the shape of a chair. The Brehon's Chair is believed to have been the seat of Judgement of the Arch Druid. When the settlement around the chair was excavated, flint tools were among the artefacts found there.