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Pubs, pubs and pubs - we are spoiled for choice when it comes to public houses in Rathfarnham. Some of the best known establishments have been in existance for centuries such as the Yellow House and Buglers.

'Have a Jar at Buglers!' was the famous slogan down the years. Buglers is a quiet type of pub in the Ballyboden/ Rathfarnham area. It has a long and interesting history and opened way back in 1799. John Blake was the first publican to be granted the license. 

Buglers is the place to be for Glendoher residents on Christmas Eve. You are always bound to bump into an old friend or neighbour.
Ballyboden Road. 01 4932358

The Orchard 
The Orchard is a popular pub situated on Butterfield Avenue beside Rathfarnham Shopping Center. There's a great atmosphere on a Friday or Saturday night and can attract a large fun crowd. Within the Orchard Complex there is an off license, a taxi rank and a moderately priced restuarant.
The Orchard complex is built over an ancient burial ground! No kidding! Check it out here on our Archaeology Page 
Butterfield Avenue. 01 4946705

The Yellow House 
The Yellow House is situated at the corner of Willbrook Road and Grange Road and is a stone's throw away from Rathfarnham Castle. The Yellow House was built in 1825 by Mary Murphy and was serving customers in 1827.
From 1912 to 1979 the premises was in the hands of the Walker family, then sold on to the Durkin brothers who extended it.

Local folklore tells us that the poet Francis Ledwedge had worked there as an apprentice for only two days. Supposedly he had got home sick for his native town of Slane, Co. Meath. 

Throughout the years, the Yellow house has been refurbished extensively and it is probably one of the best known and loved pubs in Rathfarnham. 
Willbrook Road. 01 4932994

Rathfarnham House
Rathfarnham House opened in the Village in 2011. The pub previously went under the names Seasons and Sarah Curran. Time will tell if Rathfarnham House will be as popular as the Sarah Curran.
Main Street. 01 4905481

Revels is a very trendy pub in Rathfarnham Village. Exstensive refurbishment and a buzzing atmosphere has made Revels very popular with young adults and older alike.
Main Street. 01 4901376

The Castle
This popular casual pub can be found right beside Revels in Rathfarnham Village.
 Main Street. 01 4906866

The Blue Haven 
The Blue Haven is the type of pub when you walk in everybody glances over to see who it is! A formal and quiet type of pub, the Blue Haven appeals to a more mature crowd. The premises are located at the end of Ballyroan Road beside Butterfield Avenue.  
Ballyroan Road. 01 4945382

The Eden 
The Eden, one of the highest pubs in Rathfarnham, is situated right beside Marley Park. The Eden is the place to have a pint before the Marlay Park concerts during the summer time.
Grange Road. 01 4931492

Merry Ploughboy
2011 has been a good year so far for the pub formerly known as Dohertys. In June, the Merry Ploughboy was named 'Irish Music Pub of the Year' by Visit Dublin. If you are a tourist in town, the Merry Ploughboy is worth travelling up to. 
Edmonstown Road. 01 4931495

Taylor's Three Rock
At Taylor's Three Rock you'll find informal traditional music sessions with a late night bar and good family food. A must see for any tourist in town. Jason Orange from Take That was spotted in the pub earlier this year before the band's big gig in Croke Park. 
Grange Road. 01 4942311      


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