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Danesmoate House

U2 bass player, Adam Clayton bought the glorious Danesmoate House 20 years ago for E380,000. It is hidden away behind Taylors Pub on Kellystown Road, Rathfarnham. U2 spent many days at Danesmoate when they were working on the Joshua Tree album in the 80s.

On the gounds, one can enjoy landscaped walks, soothing waterfalls and the occasional sight of red-breasted pheasants scattering around the gardens.

Recently, Clayton built a small watchtower beside the 20-bed mansion. (to the left of this picture) The tower seems to be based on the Cruagh Tower (below), which is located 2.5km away in Cruagh Cemetary. Watch men,
stationed at Cruagh, used to guard the graves from body snatchers. It was quite common in the 1700s for medical professionals to steal bodies, as they were banned from performing dissections.















Adam was born in England in 1960 but moved to Ireland when he was five. From an early age, Adam had a great interest in music. Adam's big break came when Larry Mullen decided to form a new band. Adam originally managed the operation, but focused on the bass when Paul McGuinness took over.

Adam's low point came when he was arrested in 1989 for possession of cannabis at the Blue Light Pub, Glencullen. Adam was able to escape a conviction by paying £25,000 to charity.

"I am one of those characters that has an addictive personality.....
The avoiding substances of any kind is hard but, okay, it's not that hard.
It's facing the devil inside you, that's the tricky bit" - Hot Press '98

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